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Back to school!!!!!

Tomorrow see's me returning back to school...... well its 'Egg School'. Work are sending me on a one day course to understand the development and hatching of eggs!!!! Yep your probably wondering 'What the hell' and I'm thinking the same.

Anyway work have foolishly given me a company car for the day (more fool them). I have the least number of years driving experience then the rest of them coming with me and I'm not used to driving anything bigger than a 1lt Corsa. So they go give me a 1.8 turbo diesel..... he he he. So if anyone is traveling over to Liverpool tomorrow then please take extra care to avoid the idiot in a silver Skoda Octavia.

Hopefully I will survive the journey as I don't want to miss the Wendy House this weekend as both me and Mandy need to do last minute advertising for Bunker 13 at The Alternative in Whitby at the end of the month.
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