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Infest Festival + the past month!

I know it’s nearly a month on from the actual festival but I've had loads on.

Planning for the return of BUNKER 13 next Saturday in York at our new venue (City Screen). Really can't wait to get back behind the decks of the Bunker.

Also in other dj news I have been asked to guest dj at an opening night of Misbehaviour UK in Birminingham next month (21st Oct). Really looking forward to that as I haven't played in Birmingham before.

Anyway back to 'Infest', it was one of my best and not because I got to dj on the Saturday afternoon. The people I met ( M-Saint, Akam-i, beliebt and post-future + others I already know.

Anyway for those that want to know what I played

(15: 00 - 16: 00)
Vox Celesta - Du Allein
Heimataerde - Gott Will Es
Run Level Zero - Red Moon (Vox Celesta rmx)
Negative Format - Downfall
Assemblage 23 - Opened (Dj RAM - Thunder mix)
Northern Lite - My Pain
Ascii Disko - Strassen
E.R.R.A. - Energy in your Eyes
Re.Activate - No Way Out
Mesh - Crash (Collision mix)
Seabound - Exocise
Covenant - The Man

(16: 30 - 17: 00)
Monolith - Talisman
Pain Bastard - Make My Day
The Retrosic - Maneater
Schattenshlag - Dein Krieg-Mein Krieg
ESA - We all know the World is Wrong
Coreline - Chown
Tankt - Elite

(17: 45 - 18: 30)
Faderhead - Bassgod
Cybercide - Redshift
Cut Rate Box - Traummaschine
GASR - Adrenaline
Neuroticfish - Bomb (Extended mix)
VNV Nation - Chrome (27.2 MHz mix)
Sero.Overdose - Rain (Dj Belobbo mix)
Monochrome - Sold
Technoir - Liar (Rotersand mix)
Icon of Coil - Repeat it (Ctrlroom rmx)

(19: 15 - 20: 00)
Frozen Plasma - Irony (Rotersand rework)
Funker Vogt - Sin (Traum mix)
Vigelante - The Other Side (Funker Vogt rmx)
Spetsnaz - Apathy
Orange Sector - Kalt Wie Stahl (Infacted version)
Dulce Liquido - Reaxxion
SHNARPH - Jebe Nacht
God Module - The Source
Hocico - Final Resource (Therapy version)
Tactical Sekt – Synscope

Anyway best go as I have loads to sort out before the big re-launch of BUNKER 13 this weekend. Hope to see some of you there.
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Petal, there's loads of confusion re opening/closing times on saturday, plus the City Screen website says something else is on in the basement bar!
Can you let us know whats what...
Yeh, just got an email from Richard. I checked the City Screen website and it is on there as been on, So as far as I know we are the only ones!

As for opening times, we open at 20:00 and shut at 00:00 (poo time to finish but we are working on that one).

Hope this has helped? See you hopefully on Saturday :)

J -x-
Thank you petal. They have changed the website since i looked the other day trying to figure out times and the like.
If its a 12 finsih I might invite folks back to mine for a drink then. See you Sat'day

Whats this Birmingham thing you're on about. Haven't heard anything. Was planning on going to Wendy House that night. But Brum is considerably nearer!!!

Any info?
Its a new night starting up, don't know too much more about it to be honest. The organiser said they would contact me nearer the date! They do have a web site if you wanna check it out? Just go to my home page ( and click on the scrolling link on the main menu page.

It would be great to see some friendly faces there :)
Hi there, Misbhavior is a new EBM/Indsutrial/Cyber-goth/noize club night starting on the 21st of october and then once a month on the third saturday. the venue (tarnished halo) is aporox 10 mins walk from new street station. the night will run from 22:00 - 02:30. more info can be found on our webpage, Hopefully see you there .

Team Misbehavior
Good luck tonight I'm djing at oblivion so won't be able to make it, hope it goes welxx