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I don't rave.....I just misbehave ; )

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Aging cybergoth / mad scientist that hales from Yorkshire and will probably stay there, DJ’s at a few places occasionally! Loves music and dancin’.

2unlimited, :sitd:, [implant], a different drum, absurd minds, accessory, ah cama-sotz, alfa matrix, and one, angel theory, angels & agony, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, ayria, beborn beton, blackveil, blutengel, body electric, bruderschaft, camouflage, cds, claire voyant, cleaner, clubbing, colony 5, com.pulsion, combichrist, cosmicity, covenant, cruxshadows, culture kultur, cut rate box, cut.rate.box, cyber, cyberdog, cybergoth, cyberia, darkwave, das ich, de/vision, dead or alive, deadstars, decadance records, deine lakaien, depeche mode, diary of dreams, diorama, dj room at home, djing, dream disciples, dulce liquido, dupont, e.r.r.a., ebm, echo image, electro, emf, epsilon minus, erra, evil's toy, evils toy, fetish photography, fictional, fiendflug, fight the robots, funker vogt, future pop, futurepop, glis, god module, goteki, goth, grendel, him, hocico, human league, icon of coil, in strict confidence, industrial, infest, interlace, iris, japanies horror, jupiter, lights of euphoria, melotron, mesh, mind in a box, mountain biking, msn messenger, mutate, namnambulu, nebula h, netgoth, neuroticfish, parallel project, philtron, piercings, plastic, pride & fall, project pitchfork, provision, ps2, psyche, red flag, rotersand, run level zero, s.p.o.c.k., seabound, seize, sero overdose, sex, shnarph, silence is sexy, sitd, snow in china, soft cell, solitary experiments, spektralized, spetsnaz, spetznaz, stabbing westward, storming the base, stromkern, suicide commando, swarf, sweep, synth pop, synth-pop, t.o.y., tactical sekt, the cruxshadows, the galan pixs, the human league, the nine, the retrosic, the shamen, trauma pet, type o negative, uv lights, vnv nation, wave gothic treffen, welle: erdball, wendyhouse, wgw, wolfsheim, xp8, xpq-21, zeitgeist zero