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What a weekend!!!

Well that's my 'mini tour' over and done with!!!!!!

Newcastle was great, really loved the night. Big thanks to Dj Bonez for letting me do Dj Skank's slot while she was at Mera Luna (Lucky gal). I know I will be going up there again.... hopefully soon.

Set list can be found

Fight The Robots (Newcastle) 11/08/06

KMFDM - Stray Bullet
Leather Strip - Under My Control
Wumpscut - Flucht
Project Pitchfork - Steel Rose (2XLC rmx)
Megadump - Shockwave (Re-Edit rmx)
Decoded Feedback - Lifeless

Melotron - Folge mir ins Licht
Technoir - Requiem (Trance mix)
Stromkern - No Release (Battery Cage mix)
Mesh - Friends like these (Xenomorph mix)
VNV Nation - Genesis (Icon of Coil version)
XPQ-21 - White and Alive (Wollschlager rmx)

Kiew - DC Disc (Soman Special Edit)
VNV Nation - Chrome ([:SITD:] rmx)
Run Level Zero - Under the Gun (Cal.50 rmx)
Suicide Commando - F*** You Bitch
Grendel - Soilbleed (V.3)
Combichrist - This is my Rifle

Silence is Sexy - In Electro Baby
Code 64 - Leaving Earth
Roller Girl - Eternal Flame
Echo Image - Endless Day (Club version)
Icon of Coil - Shallow Nation (2004 version)
Covenant - Call the Ships to Port (Club version)

Then second night of the 'tour' saw me at the lovely 'Resurrected' in Leeds. Big thanks to eblue and Mr Hybrid for letting me dj again at there night. Great mix of tracks by all the dj's.

Set list can be found

Plastic - Lovesong
ReActivate - Waiting for the Night (Midnight Resistance mix)
Code 64 - Without You
Seabound - Torn (Covenant rmx)
Sero.Overdose - Never
Iris - Appitite (Club mix 2006)
Ascii Disko - Einfach
Hype - Living on Video
Silence is Sexy - King and Queen
The Modern - Industry
The Human League - All I Ever Wanted
Depeche Mode - It's No Good

Sunday was just a nice quiet day/night in looking after the sick cat (Jet). She has got a viral infection causing her to salivate excessively!!! Which is a bit worrying as I have just brought home today 'Nitzer' and 'Ebb' my new hamsters. So I hope they will be ok with a well pissed off cat (due to not been allowed out) salivating in front of they cage.

Anyway hope to see some of you at Wendy House this weekend so I can give you the new BUNKER 13 flyer and an invite to the annual post Infest BBQ.
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