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Busy old me!........again

Why do I do it to myself?

This friday sees me traveling up to Newcastle to guest dj at Fight the Robots as resident dj Skank is off to Mera Luna (Lucky gal). This will a great warm up for my Infest set, as I am behind the decks for 2.5hrs!

Then if that wasn't enough for one weekend I'm guest dj'ing at Resurrected on the Saturday night. This is going to be a great night as it is an Infest warm-up party. I'm gonna be playing some songs that I really love and some even have a hidden meaning....... well to me they do!?! As they remind me of some great times when I have dj'ed in the past.

Also expect to see the new BUNKER 13 flyer's plastered about the place.

Hope to see some of you this weekend.
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